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The following policy statements are provided in order to accustom you, the viewer, to the privileges you are entitled with while browsing (further referred to as "website", "this website", "our website", "site", "us" or "we"). These policy statements include information on how we handle the exchange of information between us and the user, and on the topics on how this information is shared, stored, and kept secure, as well as various informative statements about the services we provide. As long as you follow these policy statements, we will not share any personal information we may receive from you to any third party individuals. If you do not agree with any of our policies, we have to ask you to discontinue the use of our website.

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When you visit this website, you may be prompted to allow the use of cookies on the web browser software you are currently using. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your device that can help you navigate our website and use our services more conveniently, allowing such functions as saving sessions, identifications of individual users, storage of login information and others. While you have the right and ability to deny the use of cookies while browsing our website, we may not be able to provide our full range of services should you choose to do that.

Outgoing Links

Our website may contain links that lead to 3rd party resources. These links may be given and verified by us, or may be provided by the members of the community. In either case, we hereby inform you that by leaving our website through one of these links you will no longer be bound or secured by policy statements provided on this page. This means, we hold no responsibility as to what happens at the third party resource you may visit after leaving our website. In order to avoid putting yourself at risk, you should review the privacy policy and terms of service pages on the resource you are visiting.

User-Generated and 3rd Party Content

The pages of our website may or may not feature content provided by our visitors or 3rd party companies. In most cases, any instance of such content will be monitored by our administrators, filtering any inadequate material. However, it is still possible that you may be subjected to information that was not reviewed, and could possibly contain inaccurate or harmful advice or offensive notions. While we revoke any responsibility for any such content, we will still try to do our utmost as to remove it from our website. We remind you that intentionally posting any fraudulent information, potentially harmful feedback, or messages containing coarse language, offensive, racist, sexist, or homophobic notions will result in removal of such messages and banning the user from accessing our user feedback engine.

Copyright Warning

We remind you that unauthorized duplication of data provided on this site is a crime punishable by law.

Copyrighted material includes:

  • Any text, be it any part of the articles, navigational menu headings, hyperlink anchor text, or text incorporated into the graphic design of this site.
  • Any graphic elements of design, including pictures and images, user interface, banners, and color layout.
  • Any fragments of code created specifically for our website (e.g. not accessible for free distribution).

If you wish to use some or all of the information found on our website on an external web resource, you may only do so after contacting our administrators and receiving explicit permission to do so.

Terms of Service

Provided below are the most important policies we uphold in regard to the services we provide on this website:

Newsletter Disclaimer

Our website features an option to subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy exclusive discount offers on medication and updates on various topics regarding the treatment for asthma. In order to subscribe to this newsletter, you will be prompted to enter an email address which will then be used for communication. Your email address will only be used to send promotional offers and updates, and under no circumstances will be disclosed to 3rd party individuals or organizations, unless required by law. You have the right to opt out of this subscription at any time should you choose to do so. In this case, your email address will be deleted from our database and will no longer be used to contact you. Consequently, you may choose to renew your subscription at any time as you see fit, with a new email address or the old one.

Medical Relevancy Reminder

While we are confident that the medical information found on the pages of our website is precise, it is still possible that it may not be applicable in certain cases, such as when a patient has specific health complications not covered in the articles about the treatment for asthma. In order to avoid the risk of worsening your condition, it is always best to consult a medical professional before you decide to act on any information you find on the internet, no matter how relevant or trustworthy the source may be. Any information found on our site should not be considered a substitution to visiting a doctor.

Responsibility Renouncement

We deny any responsibility that might be imposed on us for the provision of medical information to the visitors of our site. Any information you find on the pages of is provided as is, without any guarantee to its legitimacy, accuracy, or medical relevancy. We strive to provide only the most precise information to out visitors, but we will not be held responsible for any ramifications (e.g. health concerns, financial difficulties, etc.) caused by actions performed by our visitors after reviewing the information found on this site. All of the provided instructions on product use, medical advice, and others are displayed for your own consideration, and should be acted upon at you own risk.

Changes to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

We retain the right to alter, update, add or delete, and otherwise change the contents of these Privacy Policy and Terms of Service statements at any given time at our sole discretion. Unless you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will not be informed of these changes. If you wish to stay informed as to how we protect your privacy and conduct our services, we advise you to review this page every time you visit

Version Confirmation

We hereby proclaim that the policy statements found on this page are finite and final, and that this version of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service you see before you should be regarded as the only valid copy. Any previous versions found on 3rd party resources, search engine cache databanks, virtual documents and text files, printed documents, or other forms of displayed information should be considered null and void.